When it comes to investing, the future of your hard-earned money matters. Here at CommonWealth Financial, we work as a team. We are not transactional based salespeople searching for the next dollar of commission.

We offer a wide range of investments, from conservative to aggressive mutual funds. The conservative investments focus on the stability of principal while providing a more tax efficient platform for the investment. Aggressive investments focus on the growth of the principal and range from a medium to high-risk tolerance, depending on the risk aversion of the client, the goals for the investment, and personal preference.

Over 2000 funds are available; we prefer to work with about 40 funds.

Generally, we work with Fidelity, CI Global Asset Management and EdgePoint Wealth Management. Mutual fund services are offered through Equity Associates Inc.

If there are other fund families that you would like to hold in your portfolio this may be available provided you are willing to be responsible for those funds and their performance.

We pick our fund companies with 3 goals in mind; great products, great pricing and great service. We work with fund companies that are investment lead, that truly believe in active management that controls costs and have a winning track record.

We do not offer GIC's however, we would be more than happy to have you in for a consultation regarding similar options.

Our Investments Team

Patrick Sanders

Owner/Manager of Business Development

519-245-4700 ext 28

Jenny Kerrigan

Certified Financial PlannerĀ®

519-245-4700 ext 26